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You will find on this site, the best pictures  I have taken during travelling in various countries and on journeys in my hometown neighbourhood. Some of these pictures are published in photo-books on  page 2 using BLURB as the editor : www.blurb.com.

My last book from this editor is dedicated to Triathlon. It shows live pictures taken from various races in France , in USA, and in Brighton (UK.) This book is an illustration of the difficulty and the beauty of this sport.

One of my pictures has been chosen among the 9 winners of a photo contest from the Communauté de Commune du Talmondais. It will be part of an expo in the neighbouring cities during 2012-2013.

Some of these pictures can also be seen on Panoramio website which is used for pictures integration on Google Earth and Google Maps :


I like to take pictures of birds, particularly on seashores.  You will find on this site, pictures taken on Vendée beaches during the last two years. A bird  atlas is shown on page 3 for description of birds I met.

Below and opposite are shown some of my last pictures taken in october 2012 during a trip to Sri Lanka and the Maldives Islands.


(Clic on the picture to get bigger size)

Pictures of Bernaches (Brant Goose, Bernache Cravant) are shown in a book published in 2011 at Blurb.
This book whose title is "Bernie de Jard", tell the story of a goose coming in Jard sur Mer (Vendée) for winter holidays. Some pictures of Bernie are shown on page 4.

I am also taking pictures of flowers, but instead of using macro lenses I take a zoom lens, to get awesome pictures.Some are shown on page 5.

You can see on page 6, Little Egret (Aigrette Garzette) pictures which are part of an other book : "Suzette la petite aigrette", also published at Blurb.com.

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Port de Jard
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